The only beats that we offer exclusively (that are only sold to one person) are the ones on our Exclusive Beats page.

All our other beats listed on our Beats For Sale page are sold non-exclusively, meaning they can be sold to multiple people. However, you can still buy the full usage rights to these beats by purchasing the Tracked Out versions of them. The Tracked Out License Agreement grants you the full and unlimited rights to sell, distribute, perform and broadcast (TV, radio, Internet) the song you make with that beat, keeping all of the royalties.

Since our Tracked Out License Agreement offers the buyer the non-exclusive full usage rights to a beat, we are unable to offer these same beats exclusively. However, if the song you make with a Tracked Out beat becomes a hit and you would like us to stop selling it on our site, we will be willing to workout a deal. 

No. When an exclusive beat is bought, it will no longer be available for sale or download, but it will remain on the website and be listed as “SOLD.” When a non-exclusive beat is bought, it will remain on the website and can still be bought by others. The next question and answer will explain how the same beat can be bought by multiple people. 
If two different people buy the same beat, they can still each copyright their own song they make with that beat, and sell, distribute, perform and broadcast that song, keeping all their own royalties.When you purchase a beat from Trigger Beats, the copyright for that beat alone still belongs to Trigger Beats. However, the copyright for the song that you make with that beat, your lyrics combined with that beat, belongs to you. And with the rights granted to you by the Trigger Beats license agreement, you are allowed to sell, distribute, perform and broadcast (TV, radio, Internet) that song, keeping all of the royalties.
  Non-Exclusive MP3 file Tracked Out
Audio Quality: MP3 Studio quality
(16 bit, 160 kbps)
WAV Studio quality
(24 bit, 44.1 kHz)
Your Downloadable Files: The MP3 audio file of your beat, and your personalized WAV License Agreement The WAV audio file of your beat (mixed as well as tracked out), and your personalized Tracked Out License Agreement
Number of Units (CDs, Mixtapes, iTunes) You Can Sell: 1,000 sales Unlimited
Number of Times You Can Broadcast Your Song on the Radio: 2 times Unlimited
Allowed Total Earnings From Performing Your Song Publicly: $1,000 Unlimited
Number of times you can synchronize your song with visual media (movies, TV, video games) in for-profit projects: 2 different projects Unlimited
Number of times you can use your song in YouTube videos or other non-profit projects: Unlimited Unlimited
The Licensed Rights are Granted for Life Yes Yes
100% Royalty-free (No royalties will ever be owed) Yes Yes
Tracked out audio files, also called stems, are sub mixes of an instrumental. For example, an instrumental might have the four stems: Bass, Beat, Percussion, and Instruments. The Bass stem being the bass; the Beat stem being the kick and the snare; The Percussion stem being the hi-hats, shakers, and crash cymbals; and the Instruments stem being the strings, organs, and synths. All of these stems are the full duration of the instrumental and can be layered together to recreate the stereo mix of the original instrumental.

The reason for stems is that they allow for more precise fine tuning while mixing a song. For example, one can adjust the gain on the Bass without affecting the low end of the Cellos. Or you can mold the cymbals around the vocals without affecting the punch of the snare. Although Trigger Beats’ tracks come already professionally mixed, depending on the particular artist’s vocals or the sound of the rest of their album, adjustments may want to be made in mastering. With stems these adjustments can be made much more accurately and easily.

If a beat does not have a WAV or Tracked Out version available, this only means that those audio files for that have not been prepared and uploaded to Trigger Beats server yet. We are currently working to prepare and upload as many WAV and Tracked Out files as we can, but if there is a certain one that you would like made available sooner than the others, please make a request by going to our contact page using subject line: WAV/Tracked Out Request  
The process for buying a beat is pretty simple. For section “Beats for Sale”: First you’ll find the beat you want to buy in the player.  Once you’ve found the beat you want to lease/buy, you’ll see the following twooptions to choose from:

Non-Exclusive License – $99.00

Exclusive License – $699.00

Click the checkbox for the version you want. Once you’ve selected all of the beats you want to buy, click the “Add to Cart” button. This will take you to a PayPal page that says, “Choose a way to pay.” Here you can log into your PayPal account if you have one, or if you don’t have a PayPal account you can just use your debit or credit card without ever having to sign in to PayPal. To do this, just choose the option below the PayPal login that says, “Don’t have a PayPal account? Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest.” Then follow the instructions within PayPal to make your payment.

Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll be directed to your beat(s).

Yes, you can chop, loop, speed up, slow down, add extra sounds, and change up the beat as much as you want as long as you still give full production credit to Trigger Beats. 
In all projects where any part of a Trigger Beats track is used, be sure to give credit in one of the following formats:

“Produced by Trigger Beats”

“Beat by Trigger Beats”

“Original Music by Trigger Beats”

No. All Trigger Beats’ tracks are made using copyright-free or licensed sounds, so you don’t have to worry about clearing any samples. 
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